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Kim Renee´ Blodgett was raised in the outskirts of a small town in the mountains of Vermont. Remote and isolated, she spent nearly all her time with her Abenaki grandmother. When Kim turned eighteen, she began to travel profusely within the United States. To date, she has moved over fifty times. 


Between her travels, she attended Boston University, received a BFA in painting with a minor in moral and political philosophy, attended Brandeis University for a Post-Baccalaureate in painting and printmaking, and finally received her MFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design.

The overarching theme of her work examines identity and the struggles one feels to operate in society. Her recent body of work addresses this theme more personally, where she grapples with her indigenous identity through a shift in materials and practice. This shift closely examines the ideologies of her academic education in an attempt to reconcile them with the values from her upbringing. ​

MFA, Painting                                  

Rhode Island School of Design



Certificate, Collegiate Reflective Practice

Brown University - Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning



Post-Baccalaureate, Painting and Printmaking

Brandeis University



BFA, Painting with a minor: Moral and Political Philosophy

Boston University


2021    Flora, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA 

             Curator: Mark Dion

2020    Spectrum, Sulfur Studio, Savannah, GA 

             Curator: Emily Earl

2019    White Elephant, Sulfur Studio, Savannah, GA

             Curator: Jennifer Moss

2018    Group Show, Broyles Gallery, Atlanta, GA


2017    STAND UP, Gallery Kayafas, Boston, MA

             Curator: Tory Fair


2016    Group Show, Broyles Gallery, Atlanta, GA


2014    Burnaway Interview, Atlanta, GA

             Author: Leisa Rich


2012     Hyperconscious, Lynn Arts, Lynn, MA

             Curator: Jenn Houle


2012    TEDxSomerville, Arts at the Armory, Somerville, MA

             Curator: Kim Blodgett


2012     Critique, LilyPad, Cambridge, MA

             Curator: Katherine Vetne


2012     Adventures Close To Home, Washington Street Art Center, Somerville, MA

             Curator: Ladyfest


2011     Chain Letter, Samson, Boston, MA

             Curator: Camilo Alvarez


2011     (Solo) Sticks & Stones, LilyPad, Cambridge, MA

             Curator: Joseph Asal


2011 where the camera is, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT

             Juror and Curator: Julie Blackmon


2011      Hey I know that guy, Somerville, MA

             Curator: Michael Dacey


2011      Draw Drawing Everyday 2011, Somerville, MA

             Curator: Alex Feinstein


2010     Group Salon, LilyPad, Cambridge, CA

             Curator: Kim Blodgett


2009    Hollywood Dissent, Warner Brothers Studio, Burbank, CA

             Curator: Davy Lauterbach


2007    Night Blooms, Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

             Curator: Mark Golamco


2006    Thesis Exhibition, Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, RI

             Curator: Robert Nickas


2005    ASAP, Providence, RI                                                                                                                                                Invitation, Curator: David Fraiser and Duane Slick


2005    Painting Here, Doran Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston

             Curator: Christopher Taylor


2005    Would You Stay? Would You Lie Bye Me?, Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI,

             Curator: Lauren Pearson and James Hall


1996    Boston Painters, Copley Society of Art, Boston, MA

             Juror: John Walker


1995    Collaborative Drawing Project, Traveling Exhibition, MA

            Director: Peter Hoss


1995    Art of the Matter, Boston University

            Jurors: Visual Art Faculty at Boston University

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